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Monday, October 15, 2007

O2 XDA Flame Battery 2000mAh: Keep the Fire Burning

O2 XDA Flame Battery 2000mAh Product PageFor those with an O2 XDA Flame, we now have the O2 XDA Flame Battery 2000mAh. This after-market battery is similar to the ones we have for the other PDA's on our catalogue. It fits the O2 XDA Flame and can be used as a replacement or a spare. Great for the power user. Or for those new to the PDA scene. I remember moving from a Nokia 8310 to an O2 XDA II Mini (my first PDA phone) and was astonished at how quickly the battery depleted. Because of their bigger screen and extra features, PDA's will always be more of a power hog than a standard mobile phone. So if you're not used to charging your phone regularly, make sure you have a spare battery..... just in case.

Features of the O2 XDA Flame Battery 2000mAh
- 2000mAh Lithium Ion Battery
- Compatible with the O2 XDA Flame
- Removable to keep as a spare
- Aftermarket XDA Flame battery

Order your O2 XDA Flame Battery 2000mAh here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Flame Silicon Case (White): Hot Pocket!

Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Flame Silicon Case (White) Product PageWe just received stock of the Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Flame Silicon Case (White) for you human torches out there. Again, this is the same high quality silicon case we have always had only this time its for the XDA Flame. A good quality case to retain the nice new look of your PDA and also gives it ample protection from everyday bumps and scratches. Covers pretty much all of the device except of course for the screen and the necessary holes and buttons. One thing i'd like to see in future silicon cases though is the use of a more bouncy silicon. At least if you drop your PDA it can bounce right back into your hand!

Features of the Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Flame Silicon Case (White):
- Fits perfectly on your O2 XDA Flame as it contours to the devices's design
- Retains the sleek, thin look of your device
- Protects and covers all edges, buttons and nav pad from any scratches
- Holds your device securely in place
- Made of high-quality, flexible and durable silicon
- Material easily returns to its original form from stretching and pulling

Order your Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Flame Silicon Case (White) here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

O2 Flame : My Uncle's Review!

Check it out! My Uncle Rolly did a review on the O2 XDA Flame and he likes it! Seems like the big screen is a winner.

The best part of having a larger PDA screen is being able to browse the world wide web and get hold of those urgent and important information and emails, as needed, through 3G and wifi technology. Thanks to the 3.6 inch screen and dedicated high resolution graphics of the O2 flame. Of course the trade off is having a mobile phone covering half of your cheek when answering or making calls.

For the rest of his O2 XDA Flame Review click here.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

O2 XDA Flame Video : featuring 'interesting' background music

Despite the weird background music (apologies to fans of this type of music) and Pokemon appearance, this O2 XDA Flame video gives you a good look at one of this year's best PocketPCs.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

O2 XDA Flame Screen Protector : Keep the flame protected

Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Flame Screen Protector Product PageIn case you haven't noticed we now have Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Flame Screen Protectors in stock and ready to ship. Protect that lovely Flame of yours from scratches, bubbles, cracks, bad stuff, etc.

Unrivaled Screen Protector Quality
Our screen protectors are manufactured in Japan and are one of the easiest to apply. They're so good that we even offer a 2 year warranty on these.

Resellers can purchase these form Brightpoint Australia.

Everyone else order your XDA Flame Screen Protector here at Mr.Gadget Australia.

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