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Monday, July 09, 2007

Logitech Alto Notebook Stand and Keyboard: High Up!

Logitech Alto Notebook Stand and Keyboard Product PageNotebooks and laptops have become the mobile office in recent times. But what happens when you actually work in an office.... that's not mobile? Well you either have a desktop computer or you have an elaborate mess of wires connecting your notebook to a wall power outlet, keyboard, mouse and an external monitor display. Logitech have come up with the Logitech Alto Notebook Stand and Keyboard, integrating the notebook stand with a keyboard. Not only does the Alto bring up your notebook to eye level, the integrated keyboard is full sized including the keypad. Employers read: comfy workers, productivity up!

Features of the Logitech Alto Notbook Stand and Keyboard:
- Notebook display riser: Elevates and extends your notebook's display for viewing comfort. Relaxes you while making you more productive.
- Full-sized keyboard: Type faster, with less fatigue. The integrated soft palm rest adds wrist support and keeps your hands away from the hot notebook surface.
- One-touch hot keys: Get instant access to your digital music with media and volume controls. Additional hot keys instantly take you to your favorite applications, folders, and Web pages.
- Multipurpose USB hub: Use three high-speed USB 2.0 ports to connect your favorite peripherals, including cordless mice, webcams, printers, and external drives.
- Works with virtually any notebook: Use it with your current notebook-and your next one.
- Easy setup and storage: Flip it open for instant use on almost any flat surface; fold it down for easy transport and storage.

Order your Logitech Alto Notebook Stand and Keyboard here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks: New and Improved!

Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Product PageTwo new innovations from Logitech this morning. Firstly they've revamped one of their webcams. Secondly, they've named it exactly the same thing! Now why didn't anybody think of this before? There's some really long winded and sometimes silly naming conventions out there but this one is truly..... efficient? Anyhow, the Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks is like Cher, same gal different composition. It sports a whole new look and takes on Logitech's new(ish) webcam features like RightSound, activity light and built in microphone. The Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks, good for keeping in touch, also good for MSN, YouTube and MySpace.

Features of the Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks:

- Built-in microphone: Enjoy headset-free conversations with the high-quality integrated mic.
- Adjustable focus: Stay sharp.
- Snapshot button: Take digital stills easily.
- 20mm adjustable clip: Chat from your multimedia or widescreen notebook.
- Activity light: Know instantly when you're 'live.'
- Rich, vibrant colors: Look your best with VGA resolution (640 x 480).
- RightSound Technology: Enjoy crystal clear sound with reduced background noise and echo cancellation.

Order your Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Griffin Elevator Laptop / Notebook Stand: Comfortable Performance

Griffin Elevator Laptop / Notebook Stand Product PageComfort will always bring about more productivity. Unless you get too comfortable and fall asleep. But in the general sense, comfort will always bring about more productivity both in the short term and the long run. The Griffin Elevator Laptop / Notebook Stand was made for those who use their laptops or notebooks both as a portable computer and as their desktop work horse. Its clean cut minimalist design just goes so well with the Apple notebooks but thankfully the Elevator isn't just for the Macs. However, its design isn't just for eye candy (like Windows Vista) but adds functionality in that air is circulated around the majority of the bottom of the laptop. The Griffin Elevator isn't just good for your laptop, it's also good for you!

Features of the Griffin Elevator Laptop / Notebook Stand:
- Elevates laptop screen 5.5 inches while providing valuable desktop real estate for your keyboard and mouse
- Keeps laptop cool with 360 degrees of air circulation
- Fits all laptops- Mac or PC

Order your Griffin Elevator Laptop / Notebook Stand here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Aztec Notebook Stand: Ergonomic!

Aztec Notebook Stand Product PageIt wasn't until the other day that I realized how bad my posture had become, working on a computer where the monitor was not the correct height (even though it was only off by a few centimeters). Once I adjusted the height of the monitor I could straight-away feel my back reacting to the change in position. I can still feel my back adjusting even now and I don't think it'll be feeling normal any time soon! I can now totally sympathize and understand notebook/laptop users out there who probably don't realize their back slouching while working. I thought I had it bad, try working on a 13 inch notebook like my boss! The Aztec Notebook Stand (proudly Australian designed!) positions your notebook so that the screen is just at the correct eye-level, depending on your height. It's fully adjustable so whether you're Mini-Me or an NBA All-Star or somewhere in between, you'll be able to work on your laptop safely!

Features of the Aztec Notebook Stand:
- An ergonomic, stylish design weighing less than 650 grams.
- Intelligent flexing for optimum ventilation.
- Height adjustable to 6 levels (35 -60 degrees).
- Compacts easily away for storage or travel.
- Protective strip provides additional prevention against scratches.
- Forward-facing document stand reduces neck rotation.
- Holes provided for notebook security devices.
- Protective carrying pouch provided.
- Designed in Australia.
- Just add an external keyboard and mouse

Order your Aztec Notebook Stand here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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