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Friday, July 27, 2007

Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset: Bluetooth No Longer a Luxury

Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset Product PageBluetooth headsets used to be for the gadget lover or the deep pocketed. Lately however, they have come down in price and have become more of the norm especially with use of mobile phones while driving has become illegal, not to mention dangerous. The Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset is a new headset from one of our favourite bluetooth headset makers, Jabra. It's small, it's stylish and does what a bluetooth headset is suppossed to. With decent battery life, light weight and comfy design, the Jabra BT125 is a headset for those needing one without the kitchen sink attached.

Features of the Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset:
- Get more done. Talk hands-free.
- Compact and functional design
- Bendy earhook - shapes to every ear
- Easy setup
- Supports Bluetooth 2.0 headset and hands-free profiles
- Talk time: 8 hours
- Standby time: 170 Hours
- Weight: 17 g

Order your Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nokia CK-20W Bluetooth Multimedia Car Kit: Wireless Mobile Entertainment

Nokia CK-20W Bluetooth Multimedia Car Kit Product PageNow entertainment on your mobile can truly go mobile with the Nokia CK-20W Bluetooth Multimedia Car Kit. The CK-20W can wirelessly stream the mp3's from your Bluetooth enabled phone to its speakers. You'll also be able to control the music using the CK-20W's controls. Mobile phone doesn't have bluetooth? *GASP* Not to worry because you can also hard wire your phone to the CK-20W. Now you won't need to splash out on a new BMW for a bluetooth wireless handsfree and mp3 streaming. The Nokia CK-20W Bluetooth Multimedia Car Kit is here!

Features of the Nokia CK-20W Bluetooth Multimedia Car Kit:
- High audio quality with noise reduction and echo-cancellation
- Music playback from mobile phone via speakers
- Convenient access to main calling and playback functions, with four-key input device with Navi Wheel
- Voice dialing with the push of a single button
- Car radio mute support
- Use of car audio speakers possible

Order your Nokia CK-20W Bluetooth Multimedia Car Kit here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blueant Supertooth Lite Bluetooth Handsfree: Super!

Blueant Supertooth Lite Bluetooth Handsfree Product PageBlueant has done it again with the Blueant Supertooth Lite Bluetooth Handsfree! Building on the success of the orignal Supertooth and the Supertooth II, it seems Blueant are going down the "less is more" road. However, the only "less" I see in the Supertooth Lite is the price! Sporting a new look body, it still however retains the basic principle design of its successful predecessors. The Supertooth Lite magnetically clips on to your sun-visor with the included metalic clip where it conveniently waits for an incoming or outgoing call. The magic happens when a call comes through and at a touch of a button you'll be safely told by your wife to buy some milk on the way home. The Supertooth Lite uses Bluetooth v1.2, supports multi-pairing and has an in-built rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB! Super!

Features of the Blueant Supertooth Lite Bluetooth Handsfree:
- Digital Sound Processor (DSP) for noise & echo cancellation
- Fully portable, sleek design with zero installation costs
- Full duplex & high performance speaker
- Mounts on a sun-visor using a two sided magnetic clip
- Easily switch sides when moving sun-visor up or down
- Sliding microphone shaft retracts when not in use
- Supports voice dial activation, redial & call reject
- Supports multi-pairing to 5 devices
- Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
- Up to 15 hrs talk-time or 800 hrs / 33 days standby

Order your Blueant Supertooth Lite Bluetooth Handsfree here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Blueant V12 LCD Bluetooth Headset: See Who's Calling

Blueant V12 LCD Bluetooth Headset Product PageThere's a new bluetooth headset in town. The Blueant V12 LCD Bluetooth Headset has come into the scene sporting an old idea that should never have been left behind. The V12 features a backlit LCD screen for displaying called ID, volume level, battery charge and even call and connection status. The only other bluetooth headset I can recall doing this was a Sony Ericsson model a few years back. It's such a convenience knowing who's calling, how much charge you have left and knowing that the unit is connected to your phone. Saves the hassle of finding out too late that you're out of charge, out of range or if it's your mother-in-law calling. But even though the LCD display is its biggest drawcard, Blueant haven't skimped on the other features. The V12 also has great battery life (12 hour talk-time), multi-device pairing (up to 5), stores the last 10 phone numbers received for quick redialing and is packed with two sizes of ear hooks. Nice touch Blueant!

Features of the Blueant V12 LCD Bluetooth Headset:
- Backlit LCD with 12 digit Caller ID
- Vibrate alert for incoming calls
- Intelligent status indicators
- Ambient Noise Reduction
- Full duplex
- Micro USB lanyard to easily view headset status
- Small & large ear hook included
- Displays & stores the last 10 numbers received for redialing
- Pairs with up to 5 devices
- Brushed aluminum finish
- Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
- Up to 12 hrs talk-time or 300 hrs standby
- 2 year replacement warranty

Order your Blueant V12 LCD Bluetooth Headset here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Logitech Mobile Express Bluetooth Headset: No fuss, no wires, no fines

Logitech Mobile Express Bluetooth Headset Product PageBluetooth headsets are great! Logitech are great! So when you put two and two together, you get a no fuss, no sweat, wireless handsfree for your mobile phone. At just 14 grams, the Logitech Mobile Express Bluetooth Headset is light as a feather. It's great to keep in the car for when you're driving around. Not only will it keep you from getting fines but it's also safe. It has a decent stand-by time and talk time for the casual user and would be enough for anyone who isn't a telemarketer running on a mobile phone! Wear it on your left ear, wear it on your right, just wear it and drive safer!

Features of the Logitech Mobile Express Bluetooth Headset:
- Talk for up to 4 hours! Also enjoy 250 hours of stand-by time.
- Put it in your pocket. It's super lightweight at 1/2 oz.
- Use it with either ear. The adjustable-fit ear loop fits either ear comfortably and securely on either ear.
- Enjoy advanced calling features. It supports call end/answer/reject, voice dialing, last number redial, and mute functions.*
- Adjust your volume or mute your call easily, with the Volume Up/Down button.
- Enjoy freedom from cords. It also works with your Bluetooth-compatible PC. And Bluetooth v1.2 gives you adaptive frequency-hopping, quick connect time, and improved audio quality. Bluetooth ensures effortless and secure connections between mobile devices. Bluetooth v1.2 offers more advanced performance, including better interference prevention and faster pairing to other devices.
* phone model dependent

Order your Logitech Mobile Express Bluetooth Headset here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jabra BT135 Bluetooth Headset: Unwired Goodness

Jabra BT135 Bluetooth Headset Product PageHaving just purchased and installed GPS on my Dopod 838 Pro, I found that being able to use my phone while using the GPS at the same time was going to be an impossibility. You see, my phone is securely mounted in front of me, so when a call comes through, I can't really pull the phone off the mount while i'm driving. Needless to say, driving and using a phone without a handsfree is also dangerous and illegal. So i'm in the market right now for a low cost, no fuss, Bluetooth headset and the Jabra BT135 Bluetooth Headset caught my eye this morning. It pretty much meets all my requirements: inexpensive, wireless and it's made by a reputable company who specialize in bluetooth headsets. I might give this one a go. Post up your bluetooth headset recommendations.

Features of the Jabra BT135 Bluetooth Headset:
- Answer/end call
- Reject call *
- Voice dialing *
- Last number redial *
- Call hold/Call wait *
- Dedicated volume control
- 3 exchangeable snap-on strips

*Phone Dependent

Order your Jabra BT135 Bluetooth Headset here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Stereo Bluetooth Headset: Hello MP3

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Product PageIt looks like the other big thing for 2007 are Bluetooth Stereo Headsets. Because mobile devices can now pretty much do everything besides cook your dinner, headsets are now following suit. Not only do they give you the handsfree ability to answer calls, they now double as a headset for your mp3 tunes. The Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Stereo Bluetooth Headset does this but also concentrates on the sound quality. Which makes perfect sense because what good is a headset if you can't hear the other person or the music you're playing. Now you can even hook up two devices to it, your phone or PDA, even your computer! It's the two-in-one for your more than one mobile device.

Features of the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Stereo Bluetooth Headset:

- Wireless music streaming
With A2DP, you can stream high-quality stereo music from your phone to your wireless headset or other Bluetooth devices.
- Automatic volume adjustment
Walk into a noisy environment and the volume adjusts automatically in less than a second.
- Auto pairing
A feature that makes pairing the device with your Bluetooth mobile phone faster and simpler by dropping the PIN without compromising security.
- Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH)
AFH reduces the impact of interference between wireless technologies, resulting in excellent audio quality.
- Digital Signal Processing
Enhanced audio quality is achieved through Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, including compression and echo cancellation.
- Multi-point
Connect to two wireless devices simultaneously, allowing access to the music files in your computer, PDA or other Bluetooth-equipped devices.

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