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Friday, November 30, 2007

3G iPhone : Not too far away!

Apple iPhone 3G Faster ImageOk for all you Apple iPhone fanboy and fangirls...it's official, AT&T have confirmed that next year you'll finally get that 3G version of the iPhone! I think with the new speed should come a more stable gadget, with time to have ironed out most bugs.

Enjoy the wait :)

Details at Computerworld.

Apple iPhone Screen Protectors here.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Bought an iPhone? $100 Rebate Now Available!

If you bought an iPhone for $599 in the U.S., you'll now be entitled to a $100 rebate. Why? Apple have just reduced the price of the 8GB iPhone to $399.

I think Steve Jobs is being too generous here as price reductions are always expected with new technology.
Nice gesture but smart?

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mr.Gadget Apple iPhone Silicon Case: AyayayiPhone Again!

Mr.Gadget Apple iPhone Silicon Case Product PageThe flood of Apple iPhone accessories is beginning! Let's start off with some essentials though. The Mr.Gadget Apple iPhone Silicon Case is an effective way to keep that iPhone scratch free and give it some decent protection from everyday bumps. Like all Mr.Gadget silicon cases, these have all the necessary cut outs and is made from tough flexible silicon. Now there can't be too many people in Australia who have an iPhone but we're getting there one step closer each day. And for those who can weave the magic of the interweb and managed to afford/sell a kidney to get their little mits on one of these babies, I have three words for you: I hate you!

Key Features of the Mr.Gadget Apple iPhone Silicon Case:
- Fits perfectly on your Apple iPhoneas it contours to the devices's design
- Retains the sleek, thin look of your device
- Protects and covers all edges, buttons and nav pad from any scratches
- Holds your device securely in place
- Made of high-quality, flexible and durable silicon
- Material easily returns to its original form from stretching and pulling

Order your Mr.Gadget Apple iPhone Silicon Case here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

iPhone Screen Protector : Protect that fresh Apple!

Apple iPhone Screen Protector by Mr.Gadget AustraliaIf you were fortunate to have someone source you one of the hot hot new Apple iPhones, I strongly suggest that you protect that fragile screen with a quality screen protector. Of course, I'm going to recommend the Mr.Gadget iPhone Screen Protector, as these are simply the best on the market.

These are silicon based which means no sticky-gluey residue when apply or removing. The iPhone Screen Protectors are also scratch and bubble free so you can enjoy your iPhone in all its glory, without lumpy smudgy bits. One of the other great features is that we provide a 2-year warranty on our screen protectors, where if you do see bubbles, scratches or gluey residue, we'll replace it no questions asked.

Get your Mr.Gadget iPhone Screen Protector here today!

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