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Monday, June 18, 2007

Blueant Interphone Motorbike Bluetooth Headset : Finally a bluetooth solution for bikers!

Blueant Interphone Motorbike Bluetooth Headset Image LinkIt was just on the weekend when I was talking to an ol' friend of mine and the crazy things he did to his helmet just so he could try to fit in a standard bluetooth headset in it - drilling holes, cutting out Styrofoam, sticky tape, all things that should never be heard with "helmet" in the same sentence.

Well bikers take heart, Blueant have now release a bluetooth headset especially for you : the Bluetooth Interphone. If you're a biker, you'll now be able to communicate while on the road whether it be to your passenger, another bikie with an Interphone or most commonly over your mobile phone.

Blueant Interphone Motorbike Bluetooth Headset Image Info LinkTo top it all off it's water-resistant, windproof and can be used up to 80mph / 130km!

Blueant Interphone Motorbike Bluetooth Headset available here at Mr.Gadget Australia.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Microsoft Lifechat ZX-6000 Wireless USB Headset : Space Age Technology

Microsoft is pretty good at making their products look out of this world and space-age-y (my English honors friends would kill me if they saw how I just slapped a 'y' onto the end of 'age'). Introducing the Microsoft Lifechat ZX-6000 Wireless USB Headset, in its unique style with all the features that will make the veteran IM user go 'wow, I want one of those'. Completely wireless, the Microsoft Lifechat ZX-6000 Wireless USB Headset allows you to roam your bedroom/lounge room whilst chatting (either on MSN or another microphone enabled IM chat client). However, considering that this is a Microsoft product, it has been seamlessly integrated into MSN Live Messenger, with a one touch button for instant video conversation. See the Microsoft link here.

Features of the Microsoft Lifechat ZX-6000 Wireless USB Headset:

- Noise-canceling technology for clear audio quality
- Wireless headset with LEDs to warn on low-signal, low-battery status, etc.
- Adjustable ear band and comfortable padded ear piece
- Digital speaker for optimal sound quality
- Wireless range up to 30 feet
- One full charge rated at 8 hours talk time.

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