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Friday, November 30, 2007

Love SPB PocketPC Software? Take their survey and win prizes

Spb Software House is one of the leading Windows Mobile software developers for the platform, and it is important for us to know the way you use your Pocket PC or Smartphone; your needs, preferences, expectations, and complaints. The information you give us will help make our current and future products better. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of the answers to the survey questions are very interesting to the whole Windows Mobile community. The most interesting results of the survey will be published at the popular Windows Mobile websites.

1st price - a device (and you choose which one)! We know from our surveys that as people are different the needs are different. So we have decided to give you any device you like. Choose one from MobilePlanet.com or other shops. We will make the purchase for you unless your wish list price (including the device and accessories) does not exceed USD 1000. (And if you are in German speaking countries you are lucky to get a special gift from the German shop Handit.de!)

2nd price - JustMobile accessory and Spb Software, USD 80.00 total cost! Yes, we like these keyboards, the external power pack and the Bluetune loadspeaker by JustMobile. So we offer one of them as a prize for the second place. Choose one product from their website and tell us which one you'd like to get. Besides, please make your choice among Spb products you'd like to get, with total cost USD 80,00.

3rd price - JustMobile "Bluetune" Loudspeaker and one Software by Spb! Yes, we like these keyboards, the external power pack and the Bluetune loadspeaker by JustMobile. So we offer one of them as a prize for the third place. Choose one of the great products from their website and tell us which one you’d like to get. Besides, please choose some product you'd like to get from Spb.
SPB PocketPC Survey Link - Help them out!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

SPB Traveler : New and a must for any pocketPC road warrior

SPB Traveler Image LinkFresh out of the SPB kitchen is the new pocketPC application for those of us always on the road : SPB Traveler.

Spb Traveler will help you in your business trips as well as in a travel. It provides information about more than 10 000 cities world-wide. You will never get lost on this planet with services like up-to-date weather forecast and currency exchange rates and useful tools like unit converter and flight assistant.

Spb Traveler Features:

* Weather forecast
* World time
* Currency converter
* Flight assistant
* Unit converter
* Clothing sizes
* Dial codes
* Tip calculator
* Meeting planner

Download your own version of SPB Traveler at Handango!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

SPB Brain Evolution - Keep that brain fit

SPB Brain Evolution Image LinkAfter watching Blair win over $600K in cash and prizes on Australia's quiz show Temptation, it made me wish I paid a little more attention at school and read a bit more on general knowledge.

The SPB Brain Evolution pocketPC software won't guarantee huge wins at TV quiz shows but it will keep your brain in tip top shape.

This innovative app can improve your mental awareness, and maintain your brain fitness. It features 10 development mini-games and provides two independent game modes, one for measuring your brain status, and one for improving your abilities.

Features of SPB Brain Evolution:
- Support for qVGA, Square Screen and VGA devices
- Addictive gameplay- Brain Marking and Brain Training modes
- 10 development mini-games (Sudoku included)
- Handy hardware keys control
- Different awards for better play
- Knowledge base
- User profiles support

Download a trial/buy version at Handango today!

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