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Friday, March 30, 2007

i-Blue PS-757 Solar Powered Bluetooth GPS Receiver / Data Logger

i-Blue PS-757 Solar Powered Bluetooth GPS Receiver / Data Logger Product PageBecause of its really long (but very informative) name, I couldn't put in a witty line after the title of this blog. However, the i-Blue PS-757 Solar Powered Bluetooth GPS Receiver / Data Logger is more than just a witty novelty gadget. It's an idea that should have been first off the blocks. For one thing, as the name suggests, it is solar powered. This means more GPS time than your average receiver. And when you're roughing it out in the wild far from any electrical current, that means peace of mind. The PS-757, like most other receivers connects via Bluetooth and also has memory to store log information. Now you can go back to your PC, download the data from the PS-757 and know exactly where you (or your kids) have been. Big Brother eat your heart out! Muahahaha!

Features of the i-Blue PS-757 Solar Powered Bluetooth GPS Receiver / Data Logger:
- w/ 8Mb serial Flash , up to 50,000 way points.
- Dual power (Battery + Solar Energy).
- More than 100 hr s operating time in direct sun.
- Permanent in standby mode in direct sun.
- Bluetooth GPS with 32 channels.
- Ultra high sensitivity up to -158 dBm (Tracking).
- Smart Power Save Mechanism.
- Fuzzy Auto On/Off.

Order your i-Blue PS-757 Solar Powered Bluetooth GPS Receiver / Data Logger here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

iBlue PS-737 GPS Receiver, CoPilot 6 and iMate JasJam - Works!

If you're anything like me, you'll enjoy that sigh of relief after spending a couple of hundred of dollars in gadgetry and finding that it actually works.

On Friday I received my iBlue PS-737 GPS Receiver, hoping that it would work with CoPilot 6 which I have installed on my trusty iMate JasJam. Setup was easy, just made sure that Bluetooth was switched on, paired the iBlue PS-737 GPS receiver, then also paired it up inside the CoPilot 6 app on my Jasjam. In no time, with the aid of the satellites in the heavens, it was telling me to head straight then turn left with the route set to "home".

Some personal comments about the iBlue PS-737 GPS receiver: it's tiny so less likely to be noticed by passing-by-car-thieves, takes a Nokia mobile phone battery, power efficient and considerably cheaper than GPS receivers with the same attributes.

For anyone contemplating a GPS solution for their JasJam or Dopod 838 (same machines) I can personally say that the Travroute CoPilot 6 and iBlue PS-737 GPS receiver make a great combo.

For those who want a slighter cheaper solution, Darrell in the office is using Route 66 GPS software instead of Travroute CoPilot 6 with his iBlue. Says it works really well tool

See you on the roads (without my old clumsy Melway).

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