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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Atom Life Silicon Case: In Black or White!

Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Atom Life Silicon Case (Black) Product PageThe Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Atom Life Silicon Case have just landed. So fresh off the plane we can still smell customs tax on them! These silicon cases for the Atom Life come in both black and white, depending on your taste or mood of the day. It's made from the same silicon material all our other silicon cases are made from so you can be satisfied with their quality. These Atom Life silicon cases have also been designed to cover as much of your PDA as possible but not compromise on functionality, so you will find the necessary cut-outs to access those little buttons and holes you need to get to. Don't forget, silicon cases are the cases which add the least amount of weight and bulk to your device's physical dimensions.

Features of the Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Atom Life Silicon Case:
- Fits perfectly on your O2 XDA Atom Life as it contours to the devices's design
- Retains the sleek, thin look of your device
- Protects and covers all edges, buttons and nav pad from any scratches
- Holds your device securely in place
- Made of high-quality, flexible and durable silicon
- Material easily returns to its original form from stretching and pulling

Order your Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Atom Life Silicon Case in Black or White here!

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Compro VideoMate T750 TV Tuner Card: TV for your PC!

Compro VideoMate T750 TV Tuner Card Product PageThe Compro VideoMate T750 TV Tuner Card is one of the higher end TV Tuner cards in the market. But that's not to say it's expensive! For a dual digital/analogue tv card, the VideoMate T750 is a pretty good buy. And because it's been Vista certified, upgrading to Vista won't see you out of pocket for another TV Tuner. Offering a host of features (check out the long list below), the T750 like other good TV Tuners, also does video capture so you can record the shows you miss while at work, like Oprah and Doctor Phil, not that I watch them or that I would record them....

Features of the Compro VideoMate T750 TV Tuner Card:
- Dual DVB-T and analog TV reception with FM radio (1 digital TV and 1 analog TV)
- Worldwide analog TV (NTSC/SECAM/PAL) reception
- All-New ComproDTV 3 for more powerful features
- Watch digital and analog TV at the same time
- Support SAP(MTS/NICAM)/Stereo in analog TV
- FM radio and MP3/WAV/WMA recording
- Compro exclusive Power Up Scheduled Recording
- Convenient Remote Controlled Power On/Off
- Digital TV support SDTV and HDTV (where available)
- Advanced PIP/POP feature can open up to 4 TV channel windows watch and also watch live TV, playback recorded video files at the same time
- Video Desktop to setup the live TV screen as wallpaper
- Customize Brightness, Hue, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness, and TV/audio format in each TV channel
- Customize channel order and favorite channel list
- Straight-to-Disc recording for analog and digital TV
- Support MPEG-1/2/4 in analog TV and video capture
- Support MPEG-2 recording in digital TV
- Support Transport Stream record and playback in digital TV
- Digital TV support EPG, subtitle, & Teletext (where available)
- Analog TV support Closed Caption and Teletext
- Multiple still frame captures and remote snapshot
- Support Straight-to-Disc recording in digital and analog TV
- Split recording file size for different media in analog TV
- Pause while recording to skip commercials in analog TV
- Fully functional IR remote for TV, FM, and DVD
- Capture analog video from Composite or S-Video
- Microsoft BDA driver
- Microsoft MCE2005 compatible in DVB-T
- Certified for Windows Vista 32/64 bit

Order your Compro VideoMate T750 TV Tuner Card here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset: Bluetooth No Longer a Luxury

Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset Product PageBluetooth headsets used to be for the gadget lover or the deep pocketed. Lately however, they have come down in price and have become more of the norm especially with use of mobile phones while driving has become illegal, not to mention dangerous. The Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset is a new headset from one of our favourite bluetooth headset makers, Jabra. It's small, it's stylish and does what a bluetooth headset is suppossed to. With decent battery life, light weight and comfy design, the Jabra BT125 is a headset for those needing one without the kitchen sink attached.

Features of the Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset:
- Get more done. Talk hands-free.
- Compact and functional design
- Bendy earhook - shapes to every ear
- Easy setup
- Supports Bluetooth 2.0 headset and hands-free profiles
- Talk time: 8 hours
- Standby time: 170 Hours
- Weight: 17 g

Order your Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Adesso SlimTouch Wireless 2.4 GHz RF Mini Touchpad Keyboard

Adesso SlimTouch Wireless 2.4 GHz RF Mini Touchpad Keyboard Product PageHere's a nice gadget idea for those working on a home media centre type rig. The Adesso SlimTouch Wireless 2.4 GHz RF Mini Touchpad Keyboard is a slim and small wireless keyboard powered by AAA batteries. It might not have the sharp looks of the Logitech diNovo Edge but this keyboard is more about use than show. It's small size means it can be easily put away and its in-built touchpad means you wont need a mouse. Not that you really need a mouse for a media centre anyway because as soon as you've selected what you want to watch/listen you'll probably put away any input devices.

Features of the Adesso SlimTouch Wireless 2.4 GHz RF Mini Touchpad Keyboard:
- 2.4 Ghz RF Smartlink with 4 Auto-Changeable channels (256 IDs per channel)
- Mini-keyboard with 88 keys
- Built-in touchpad. Imitating mouse's function on both touch-pad and 2 buttons beneath.
- Ultra-stylish design with concise outline.
- Plug and Play - No software to Install.
- Quiet stroke and tactile feedback due to Membrane included.
- Slim in Shape - due to "X-Type" "Scissor Type" key cap design. Advantage to shorten key travel and reduce the finger pressure

Order your Adesso SlimTouch Wireless 2.4 GHz RF Mini Touchpad Keyboard here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bigpond TV for NextG Mobiles : For TV fanatics and those bored

We are living in a TV generation. If you don't have a TV you are considered either strange or very poor. Telstra has released Bigpond TV for mobiles to feed our modern day desire to block out the real world and be entertained.

For a mere 50cents you can download a favourite TV clip onto your Telstra NextG phone.

Mobile idiot box?

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4 Port USB Hub Mouse Pad: Thinking Outside The Box

4 Port USB Hub Mouse Pad Product PageWho would have ever thought that a mouse pad could have this kind of potential. Obviously someone was thinking outside the box when this neat idea came about! The 4 Port USB Hub Mouse Pad is just what its name suggests: a mouse pad with an in-built 4 port USB hub. May not sound like much of an idea but hey, why didn't you think of it? The 4 Port USB Hub Mouse Pad also comes complete with blue LEDs to give it a more gadgety feel, leaving all those other boring mice back in the 20th century!

Features of the 4 Port USB Hub Mouse Pad:
- USB V2.0
- 1 upstream port and 4 downstream ports
- With blue LED surrounding the whole mouse pad, shines in the darkness!
- Extremely top quality mouse pad material.

Order your 4 Port USB Hub Mouse Pad here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another HTC Touch Video

The more I see the HTC Touch in action the more it grows on me. Despite it being a version 1.0, the fact that you don't have to use your stylus much is very appealing. Given the thin and small size of stylii these days (especially the iMate Jasjam's) I would much prefer using my fingers.

Here's another HTC Touch video that shows it's innovative UI:

The HTC Touch and accessories are also available for purchase here!

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Miglia TVMini Express TV Tuner for Mac: Hi, i'm a TV Tuner for Mac

Miglia TVMini Express TV Tuner for Mac Product PageMacs are no doubt very good at handling multimedia. Whether its creating them or playing them, the ease of use on a Mac is in one word, "easy". It's a bit odd then that finding a TV Tuner for the Mac is somewhat "hard". Not any more. The Miglia TVMini Express TV Tuner for Mac is here and using it is just as easy as the way you've found it. Simply plug it into your Mac's USB 2.0 connection and away you go. Crisp sound, sharp pictures, this is the future of TV: DIGITAL!

Features of the Miglia TVMini Express TV Tuner for Mac:
- Watch and record all your favourite shows in superb digital quality
- Great performance, crystal clear picture and perfect sound
- Includes The Tube TV software
- Real-time information of what is playing on each TV channel
- Export TV shows to your iPod
- 12 month warranty offers total peace of mind

Order your Miglia TVMini Express TV Tuner for Mac here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

HTC Touch Review by MobileBurn - 9 Pages!

HTC Touch Image LinkMobileBurn's editor, Michael Oryl has written a comprehensive review on HTC Touch. He covers every nook and cranny of the device and is a must read for any person looking to by a HTC Touch of their own.

Link to HTC Touch Review by MobileBurn.

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Logitech Squeezebox Wireless Music System: Bridging the Wireless Divide

Logitech Squeezebox Wireless Music System Product PageIt seems like it was only yesterday when CD's displaced cassette tapes as the form of media music was carried in. And it seems like it was only a few hours ago when mp3's changed the way we listen and carry music around! The Logitech Squeezebox Wireless Music System goes one further by advancing wireless music on the scene. The squeezebox brings your computer and home entertainment system closer by bridging the gap.... without wires! Stream mp3's and other digital music formats straight from your PC to your home stereo. You can even tune in to the hundreds of internet radio stations from around the world. So many choices you won't know which one to pick!

Features of the Logitech Squeezebox Wireless Music System:
Unsurpassed sound quality: Hear the difference with 24-bit DAC, sophisticated audio rendering technology, and digital outputs. Sound clarity to please even the most demanding audiophile.
Easy access to digital music: Listen to music stored on your computer, tune into Internet radio broadcasts, or browse music from online services.
Expand your musical empire: Add more Squeezeboxes to access high-quality digital music in every room in the house.Simple to install and operate: A wizard walks you through connection to your home network and the Internet. An intuitive interface makes browsing and playing music easy.

Order your Logitech Squeezebox Wireless Music System here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 Review : It's got curves!

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 Image LinkI think I'm one of the few quirky people to have almost every version of Microsoft's Natural keyboard range. The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 has only deepened my love for these comfortable input gadgets.

These are what makes the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 so good:
1. the palm-rest can be raised which takes pressure of fingers
2. calculator button is well placed and a decent size too
3. Back / forward buttons are placed close to thumbs
4. It's black - white gets too dirty too quickly
5. USB wired powered - had my fair share of cordless keyboards and replacing/recharging batteries was a hassle. Even worse, when there aren't any charged batteries around!
6. Padded palm-rest for added comfort

Please take note that these types of keyboards are designed for touch-typists. If you're a finger-pecker you'll probably be more annoyed at the split hand-aligned sections.

Microsoft, you've still got a fan in me :)
So good I bought 2 : one for home and the other for the office.

Order your Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 here.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Transformer Shoes : More than meets the eye!

Wow! Transformer Shoes are go. Not sure how comfortable they would be but they sure look cool.

I'm seeing if we can get some in.

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Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000: Comfy!

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 Product PageThe mouse in the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 is reason enough to grab one of these! If you've ever tried holding and handling Microsoft's ergonomic range, you'll really appreciate the great designs that they have come up with. You can really tell they have put so much emphasis on natural curves that your hands just naturally grab on to the keyboard or mouse. But that's not all they implemented on these peripherals. The mouse uses laser tracking (more accurate and easier to use than optical), long battery life, the keyboard also has a battery life indicator as well as hot keys and a host of other little features. It's hard to get excited about a keyboard and mouse but when you've held one of these in your hands, you won't want to let go!

Features of the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000:
- 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
- Revolutionary Ergonomic Design
- High Definition Laser Technology
- 4-Way Scrolling
- Instant Viewer
- Magnifier
- 6 months battery life
- Battery Life Indicator
- Five Customizable Buttons
- Comfort Curve Design
- Zoom
- Improved Number Pad
- Internet Hot Keys
- E-mail and Internet Hot Keys
- "My Favorites" hot keys
- Integrated Palm Rest
- Cutting-Edge Design

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 available for ordering here at Mr.Gadget Australia next Monday!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

iRec Real-Time Video Recorder for iPod with Video: Price Blitz Reductionzingz!

iRec Real-Time Video Recorder for iPod with Video Product PageThere's been a huge price reduction on the iRec Real-Time Video Recorder for iPod with Video! Just found out about this yesterday so if you've been eyeing this gadget there won't be a better time to get one than now! Check out the features, check out the specs, check out the system requirements but best of all check out the PRICE!

Features of the iRec Real-Time Video Recorder for iPod with Video:
- Real-time recording
- Timer
- Intuitive LED
- iPod Charging
- Firmware Upgrade

Order your iRec Real-Time Video Recorder for iPod with Video here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

O2 Flame : My Uncle's Review!

Check it out! My Uncle Rolly did a review on the O2 XDA Flame and he likes it! Seems like the big screen is a winner.

The best part of having a larger PDA screen is being able to browse the world wide web and get hold of those urgent and important information and emails, as needed, through 3G and wifi technology. Thanks to the 3.6 inch screen and dedicated high resolution graphics of the O2 flame. Of course the trade off is having a mobile phone covering half of your cheek when answering or making calls.

For the rest of his O2 XDA Flame Review click here.

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O2 XDA Atom High Capacity Battery 3200mAh: More Battery Goodness!

O2 XDA Atom High Capacity Battery 3200mAh Product PageAlthough newer model PDA's are released regularly, the PDA you bought yesterday will still probably work and keep you organized for at least a couple of years yet. So for those early adopters who got themselves an XDA Atom those many months ago here's a gadget that will bring new life into the ageing power source of your PDA: the O2 XDA Atom High Capacity Battery 3200mAh! At more than double the juice of the original battery, charging daily will be a thing of the past. Bring new life to your Atom.... and then some more!

Features of the O2 XDA Atom High Capacity Battery 3200mAh
- 3200mAh Lithium Ion Battery
- Compatible with the O2 XDA Atom
- Removable to keep as a spare
- Aftermarket XDA Atom battery
- Comes with back cover to fit larger size battery
- Approximately 300 hours standby time
- Approxiamtely 10 hours talk time

Order your O2 XDA Atom High Capacity Battery 3200mAh here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Mr.Gadget iMate JasJam / Dopod 838 Pro 3000mAh Battery: Power Extreme!

Mr.Gadget iMate JasJam / Dopod 838 Pro 3000mAh Battery Product PagePower hungry JasJam/838 Pro users rejoice! The Mr.Gadget iMate JasJam / Dopod 838 Pro 3000mAh Battery is here and ready to power up your pda for up to 375 hours standby and 10 hours talk time! The orignal battery usually gets me through an average day but I have been caught a few times running out of juice. It's usually the times when i'm out on a long trip and don't have ready access to a wall outlet. This high capacity battery should even be able to see you through a weekend.... depending on your type of usage of course.

Features of the Mr.Gadget iMate JasJam / Dopod 838 Pro 3000mAh Battery:
- Lithium Polymer 3000mAh
- Standby approximately 375 hours
- Talk time approximately 10 hours

Order your Mr.Gadget iMate JasJam / Dopod 838 Pro 3000mAh Battery here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

O2 Atom Life Screen Protector by Mr.Gadget : On Their Way

O2 XDA Atom Life Screen Protector Image LinkWe realise that the O2 XDA Atom Life is now available in Australia and people are calling our for our famous screen protectors. Good news. The Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Atom Life Screen Protectors are around 1 week away, so you'll be able to protect that screen with the finest of protectors.

Why are Mr.Gadget O2 Atom Life Screen Protectors considered the best? Check out the feature list below.

Features of the Mr.Gadget O2 Atom Life Screen Protectors

2 Year Limited Warranty2 Year Warranty
We believe we have the best screen protectors in the market and back this claim with a 2 Year Limited Warranty. How many other screen protector brands offer this quality guarantee?

Anti-Scratch & Durable
Under normal daily usage, a could last for a long period of time without affecting its smoothness and transparency because of the stiffness of the SPUC material.

Incomparable Clarity
Mr.Gadget screen protectors are highly transparent screen protector which presents the highest resolution and most vivid colours of your LCD display.

Silicon Adhesive Coating
lue-Free, silicon coated screen protector leaves NO RESIDUE when you remove it from your LCD display.

Silicon based screen protectorSilicon based screen protector

Tailor Made to your Device
The Mr.Gadget screen protector is not a 'one-size-fits-all' solution; we have dimensions of your device so that it will fit perfectly to your LCD screen - NO TRIMMING or CUTTING required!

Washable and Reusable
Wash the Mr.Gadget screen protector with water to remove strong dirt. Dry the screen protector thoroughly before re-applying it back to the LCD screen. However, a piece of scotch tape/masking tape is very useful to remove minor lints and fingerprints that are left on the silicon-adhesive coating.

The Mr.Gadget screen protector is bubble-free when it is applied completely. Its glossy finish highly simulates the texture of the original LCD screen.

Order your O2 Atom Life Screen Protector here at Mr.Gadget as of next week

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mr.Gadget iMate JasJam / Dopod 838 Pro 2400mAh Battery: More Power!

Mr.Gadget iMate JasJam / Dopod 838 Pro 2400mAh Battery Product PageNeed more power for your JasJam or 838 Pro? Too much of a power user? Extend the life of your PDA with the Mr.Gadget iMate JasJam / Dopod 838 Pro 2400mAh Battery! With approximately 300 hours of standby time and 8 hours of talk time, this high capacity battery might just be what gets you across the finish line with juice to spare! The pack also comes with a replacement back cover to fit the battery for your PDA.

Features of the iMate JasJam / Dopod 838 Pro 2400 mAh Battery:
- More power than original iMate JasJam/Dopod 838 Pro Standard Battery
- Lithium Polymer 2400mAh
- Standby approximately 300 hours
- Talk time approximately 8 hours
- Fits iMate JasJam & Dopod 838 Pro

Order your Mr.Gadget iMate JasJam / Dopod 838 Pro 2400mAh Battery here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

O2 Atom Life : Glowing PC Authority Review

O2 Atom Life Image LinkThe O2 Atom Life is one of the new pocketPC/phones to hit Australia. David Field's O2 Atom Life Review shows that it's a snappy unit (624Mhz) with all the nice features of its predecessors. I especially like the 1GB ROM on board!

Check out the O2 Atom Life Review at PC Authority.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

HTC Touch Review : 3/5 from PCMAG.COM

HTC Touch Review Image LinkOne of the rules I try to abide by in life (I found it very hard though) is "Never buy a version 1.0".

Although the HTC Touch may have better phone functionality than the Apple iPhone, I think it's upcoming versions will be something to look out for.

Sascha from PCMAG.COM seems to agree.

Check out the HTC Touch Review for yourself.

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iPhone Review : Lam's simple and blunt message - WAIT

The guys at Gizmodo can be crude and rude, but they're honest and always to the point.

Lam's huge 10,000+ word review reveals his true feelings about one the hottest gadget's of 2007, the Apple iPhone.

iPhone Review Image
One single word to describe his review, "wait".

I'll let you read it and find out why :)

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iPhone Nano : Later this year?

Engadget have just release news that a smaller version of the new iPhone (iPhone Nano) is set to be launched overseas later this year. Looks quite appealing and with a phone inbuilt...wow.

It's the iPhone Mini-Me!

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Official Windows Mobile 6 for Dopods : With Love from HTC

Isn't it nice when manufacturers actually heed the call of their customers? In this case it was us Dopod / iMate owners asking for the latest version of Windows Mobile (WM6).

Windows Mobile 6 from HTC for Dopods Image Link
HTC have come the party! As of today, they are taking a staggered approach to releasing Windows Mobile 6 for their hottest PDAs:

- Dopod 838 Pro / iMate Jasjam
- Dopod D810
- Dopod U1000
- Dopod P800W

Check out the HTC site for yourself!

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Logitech Marble Mouse with Trackball: Scroll Traditionally

Logitech Marble Mouse with Trackball Product PageTomatoes, tomahtoes; potatoes, potahtoes. Which ever way you like to say is your preference. And there are some people who prefer to use a scroll ball rather than a mouse. This is where the Logitech Marble Mouse with Trackball comes in. I can probably imagine music studio producers or movie making editors comandeering one of these. Use it with your left or right hand, the Marble Mouse is all about personal preference!

Features of the Logitech Marble Mouse with Trackball:
- Sleek shape: Delivers all-day comfort for either hand.
- Optical Marble technology: Tracks smoothly and precisely.
- Large trackball: Improves control while reducing hand and wrist motion.
- Multiple scrolling options: Use forward and back buttons, or auto-scroll with the ball.
- Customizable buttons: Personalize your controls for productivity (with included MouseWare software).

Order your Logitech Marble Mouse with Trackball here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Logitech Alto Notebook Stand and Keyboard: High Up!

Logitech Alto Notebook Stand and Keyboard Product PageNotebooks and laptops have become the mobile office in recent times. But what happens when you actually work in an office.... that's not mobile? Well you either have a desktop computer or you have an elaborate mess of wires connecting your notebook to a wall power outlet, keyboard, mouse and an external monitor display. Logitech have come up with the Logitech Alto Notebook Stand and Keyboard, integrating the notebook stand with a keyboard. Not only does the Alto bring up your notebook to eye level, the integrated keyboard is full sized including the keypad. Employers read: comfy workers, productivity up!

Features of the Logitech Alto Notbook Stand and Keyboard:
- Notebook display riser: Elevates and extends your notebook's display for viewing comfort. Relaxes you while making you more productive.
- Full-sized keyboard: Type faster, with less fatigue. The integrated soft palm rest adds wrist support and keeps your hands away from the hot notebook surface.
- One-touch hot keys: Get instant access to your digital music with media and volume controls. Additional hot keys instantly take you to your favorite applications, folders, and Web pages.
- Multipurpose USB hub: Use three high-speed USB 2.0 ports to connect your favorite peripherals, including cordless mice, webcams, printers, and external drives.
- Works with virtually any notebook: Use it with your current notebook-and your next one.
- Easy setup and storage: Flip it open for instant use on almost any flat surface; fold it down for easy transport and storage.

Order your Logitech Alto Notebook Stand and Keyboard here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

USB Foot Warmer : Perfect for winter

USB Foot Warmer Image LinkIt's winter here in Melbourne and it's getting cold! If you like to snuggle up infront of your computer with a hot coffee/milo, there's one more suggestion I'd like to make...get a USB Foot Warmer! This will make your web browsing all the more enjoyable!

Simply hook up to a free USB port and you'll have warm feet in no time.

Features of the USB Foot Warmer:

* Safe voltage
* Use carbon-fibre as the heating materials
* Keep your feet dry
* Anti-bacterial
* Temparture: 32 C ~ 45 C

Get your USB Foot Warmer here at Mr.Gadget Australia!

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Plantronics Pulsar 260 Bluetooth Headset : Absolutely Superb

Plantronics Pulsar 260 Bluetooth Headset Image LinkPlantronics sent me one of their Plantronics Pulsar 260 Bluetooth Headsets to try out last week and I love it. Having been without a bluetooth headset for a couple of weeks (lost it), the Pulsar 260 Bluetooth Headset was a welcome addition to my gadget belt. What's more is I got a wireless control for Windows Media Player on my pocketPC as well! Woot!

Easy Setup
After I charged the Pulsar 260 (initial charge should be around 3 hours) all I did was press both the power and play button and I could pick it up on my iMate JasJam PocketPC. Note: the instructions say to press them simultaneously, but this did not work with my unit. I actually pressed the power button slightly before the play and it initiated the pairing state fine.

Light As A Feather
At 25grams, you can wear the Pulsar 260 comfortably in your pocket or use it's clip on your belt. Weight matters when you're going to be using it for most of the day.

Rich Sound
I've never had a pair of the new types of plug-in earphones and I must say that this kind of design definitely provides for a richer sound. Although the Pulsar 260 won't compete against the high-end audiophilic types of Sennheiser and Shure, the sound was definitely above average. I enjoyed controlling media player (hooks up by default) wireslessly to play my favourite MP3s.

Plantronic Pulsar 260 Bluetooth Headset Features:

  • In-line telephony controls, pendant music controls
  • Clothing clip or lanyard wearing options
  • Up to 9 hours talk-time or up to 7 hours music listening time
  • Audio-out feature for Bluetooth connection to powered speakers or home Hi-Fi
  • Pod weighs just 25g
  • Bluetooth V2.0 software for improved co-existence with wireless networks
  • Up to 10 metres range
Fantastic work Plantronics! Another great gadget that fits well in your line-up.

Order your Plantronics Pulsar 260 Bluetooth Headset here.

If you would like a gadget reviewed please contact us.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Jabra BT8010 Bluetooth Headset: Converges Work and Play!

Jabra BT8010 Bluetooth Headset Product PageBluetooth headsets have come a long way since they first came about a few years ago. Now they are mainstream peripherals and even go beyond what they were first made to do. The Jabra BT8010 Bluetooth Headset is no exception, converging a headset for work and headphones for play. The BT8010 can be used as a conventional bluetooth handsfree (for your bluetooth enabled phone) and with an attachment can be used to stream stereo music for your listening pleasure. Work and play convertible, now that's a neat trick!

Features of the Jabra BT8010 Bluetooth Headset:
- Work >< Play Convertible
- Bluetooth 2.0 mono headset for work and attachable stereo unit for play - all in one stylish design
- Powered with DSP technology that reduces background noise and automatically adjusts volume control
- Answer/end, reject a call, call waiting, last number redial, voicedialing, play / pause / stop, next track, volume control (*phone dependent)
- Bluetooth 2.0 supporting A2DP (for music playing) and AVRCP (for remote control) and headset and hands-free profiles
- Multipoint connections to connect two devices at the same time - e.g. music player and phone
- Clear OLED display and jog wheel for easy operations - personalize your headset with contacts and personal music settings

Order your Jabra BT8010 Bluetooth Headset here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

O2 XDA Flame USB Synch 'n' Charge USB Retractable Cable: So Hot Right Now!

O2 XDA Flame USB Synch 'n' Charge USB Retractable Cable Product PageOne of the hot new gadget PDA's out now is the XDA Flame. And we have accessories for them like the O2 XDA Flame USB Synch 'n' Charge USB Retractable Cable! A (literally) neat way to keep your Flame charged and synchronized, this is as tangle free as you'll get next to wireless connections. Just a tip on using one of these, make sure to pull both ends of the cable at the same time to the desired length. It's a great gadget; handy to keep as a spare on your desk or in your travel bag. I keep one for my Dopod in the car. Someone always brings a laptop where I can leach power from!

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mr.Gadget Apple iPhone Silicon Case: AyayayiPhone Again!

Mr.Gadget Apple iPhone Silicon Case Product PageThe flood of Apple iPhone accessories is beginning! Let's start off with some essentials though. The Mr.Gadget Apple iPhone Silicon Case is an effective way to keep that iPhone scratch free and give it some decent protection from everyday bumps. Like all Mr.Gadget silicon cases, these have all the necessary cut outs and is made from tough flexible silicon. Now there can't be too many people in Australia who have an iPhone but we're getting there one step closer each day. And for those who can weave the magic of the interweb and managed to afford/sell a kidney to get their little mits on one of these babies, I have three words for you: I hate you!

Key Features of the Mr.Gadget Apple iPhone Silicon Case:
- Fits perfectly on your Apple iPhoneas it contours to the devices's design
- Retains the sleek, thin look of your device
- Protects and covers all edges, buttons and nav pad from any scratches
- Holds your device securely in place
- Made of high-quality, flexible and durable silicon
- Material easily returns to its original form from stretching and pulling

Order your Mr.Gadget Apple iPhone Silicon Case here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

iPhone Screen Protector : Protect that fresh Apple!

Apple iPhone Screen Protector by Mr.Gadget AustraliaIf you were fortunate to have someone source you one of the hot hot new Apple iPhones, I strongly suggest that you protect that fragile screen with a quality screen protector. Of course, I'm going to recommend the Mr.Gadget iPhone Screen Protector, as these are simply the best on the market.

These are silicon based which means no sticky-gluey residue when apply or removing. The iPhone Screen Protectors are also scratch and bubble free so you can enjoy your iPhone in all its glory, without lumpy smudgy bits. One of the other great features is that we provide a 2-year warranty on our screen protectors, where if you do see bubbles, scratches or gluey residue, we'll replace it no questions asked.

Get your Mr.Gadget iPhone Screen Protector here today!

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Jabra A120s Bluetooth Stereo Adapter 3.5mm : Stream music from that non-bluetooth player

Jabra A120s Bluetooth Stereo Adapter 3.5mm Image LinkDo you have non-bluetooth music player like a discman, walkman, portable radio or PDA that you would like your bluetooth stereo headphones to connect to? Well as long as it has a 3.5mm audio input, you'll soon be able to stream music wireless using the Jabra A120s Bluetooth Stereo Adapter.

Features of the Jabra A120s Bluetooth Stereo Adapter:
* Enjoy hi-fi music wirelessly with a Bluetooth stereo headset
* Jabra A120s made to fit most music players with a standard 3.5 mm jack
* Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)**

Specifications of the Jabra A120s Bluetooth Stereo Adapter:
* Standby time: 250 Hours
* Weight: 20 g
* Music Streaming

I've been a big fan of Jabra for years, so when you see this name you can rest assured you're getting a quality bluetooth gadget.

Order your own Jabra A120s Bluetooth Stereo Adapter here.

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Gecko Nano Glove Black for 2nd Gen iPod Nano: Happy New Financial Year!

Gecko Nano Glove Black for 2nd Gen iPod Nano Product PageWell the old Financial Year has gone and a new one has slipped right in. Hope you got yourself a good bargain on a new gadget! I'm sure one of our old friends (Jason) did, scoring himself a new 2nd Generation iPod Nano. For the record, I hate you Jason! However, i'm sure he'll be babying that new toy of his and what better way to do that than with the Gecko Nano Glove Black for 2nd Gen iPod Nano. Smarter than your average silicon case, the Gecko Nano Glove is textured for non-slip grip, just like the little lizard it was named after. The tough silicon it's made of adds the least bulk out of all types of cases, except maybe cling wrap. It also has cut outs for accessing the Nano's click wheel and dock connection.

Features of the Gecko Nano Glove Black for 2nd Gen iPod Nano:
- Non-slip Gecko grip
- Super tough and durable
- Fits 2nd Generation Apple iPod Nano
- Cut outs for easy access to the click wheel and dock

Order your Gecko Nano Glove Black for 2nd Gen iPod Nano here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Canon EOS 1D Mark III Review : Scores 9.3/10 at CNET

Canon EOS 1D Mark III Image Review LinkThe good: Extremely fast, 10-megapixel continuous shooting; very low noise; highly customizable; well-designed body with weather sealing; 3-inch LCD; abundant optional accessories.

The bad: Heavy; may be a bit too large for people with small hands.

The bottom line: Canon's EOS 1D Mark III offers a luxurious cocktail of high-resolution, extremely low noise, blazingly fast burst shooting, abundant customization, and a build quality and ergonomic design among the best you'll find in today's camera market.

Read the full CNET Editor's Review.

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Australian-made supercapacitors boost cellphone audio

BriteSound Image LinkAustralia-based CAP-XX just announced its supercapacitor-based BriteSound power architecture for music phones. As MP3-ready handsets grow in popularity, consumers want a rich, iPod-quality audio experience without the buzzing and distortion caused by wireless transmissions.

In a BriteSound phone, a CAP-XX supercapacitor provides a boost in peak power (up to 5 watts) which can:

1) Double and sometimes triple audio power for richer-sounding music, and
2) Eliminate buzzing and distortion caused by wireless transmissions while listening to music.

BriteSound is the second CAP-XX BritePower architecture for mobile phones, joining the BriteFlash solution which uses a supercapacitor to achieve high-brightness LED flash in camera phones.

The company is working with key mobile-phone manufacturers and expects the first designs that are power-boosted by its supercapacitors to hit the market in 2008, according to CAP-XX CEO Anthony Kongats.

Supercapacitors offload peak-power demands from the battery to improve talk time, battery life, flash power and audio quality.

To demonstrate BriteSound, CAP-XX used three tests to compare audio quality and power in typical mobile-phone audio circuits, both with and without a supercapacitor.

In these tests, the supercapacitor:

1) Tripled peak audio power from 1.65 watts (W) to 5.2W during a 100Hz bass-beat test: http://www.cap-xx.com/news/photogallery.htm#Bass

2) Eliminated distortion during simultaneous peak-power demands to transmit data and respond to a network poll: http://www.cap-xx.com/news/photogallery.htm#Network

3) More than doubled peak audio power from 2.24W to 4.96W while playing a piece of music using a set of SonyEricsson MPS60 external speakers and audio amplifier: http://www.cap-xx.com/news/photogallery.htm#Listen

For more details:

BriteSound press release: http://www.cap-xx.com/news/BriteSoundPowerArchitecture.htm

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Check out Sears-Games.com : Online games, prizes and more

In celebration of the launch of Sears and Kmart’s the new free online games portals, Sears-Games.com and Kmart-Games.com, they are running a challenge in which the winner with the highest score for Sears-Games.com and Kmart-Games.com will win a Nintendo Wii or an Xbox 360 as a grand prize!

We also have a $25 Sears Game Card up for grabs!

Post your score and screenshot in the comments below and we'll send the card to the highest scorer. You have until 9th July!!

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Sandisk 64GB SSD : Laptop Storage of the Future

Sandisk 64GB SSD Solid State Drive ImageHere's Sandisk's press release on their 64GB Solid State Drive (SSD):

MILPITAS, CALIF., June 4, 2007 - Reaching for the "sweet spot" of memory storage for laptop computers, SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK) today expanded its line of solid state drive (SSD) products with the introduction of a 64-gigabyte (GB)1 SSD aimed at both enterprise users and early adopter consumers such as gamers. SanDisk 1.8-inch UATA 5000 and 2.5-inch SATA 5000 SSD products, which already are available in a 32GB capacity, are compatible as drop-in replacements for hard disk drives in most mainstream notebook computers.

The announcement was made at Computex Taipei 2007, where SanDisk is showcasing its comprehensive line of storage products for use in industrial and system-level embedded applications. SanDisk's new 64GB SSD will be on display in Hall 1 in Booths C1000, 1002 and C1004 along with other SanDisk OEM embedded flash storage products such as iNAND and mDOC H3.

"Laptop manufacturers have requested more memory capacity for systems that use the Microsoft Vista platform, which can require a number of preloaded accessories and security suites," said Doreet Oren, SanDisk director of SSD product marketing. "Also, there is interest in developing laptops for gaming, and the SSD is well-suited for the performance and memory requirements of those users. Thus, by offering greater capacities on our SSD products, we are making our products more appealing to a wider customer base."

Compared to conventional hard drives still found in most notebook computers, SanDisk SSDs offer key benefits to computer manufacturers and their customers:

* Durability and reliability. SanDisk SSDs deliver 2 million hours mean time between failures (MTBF)2, approximately six times more than notebook hard disks. With no moving parts, SanDisk SSDs are also much less likely to fail when a notebook computer is dropped or exposed to extreme temperatures.

* High performance. With no moving parts, the flash-based SSD starts working almost immediately to achieve far better access speeds than a conventional hard disk drive. For example, in notebook computers, data moves to and from an SSD more than 100 times faster than data moving to and from a hard disk. SanDisk SSDs offer a sustained read rate of 67 megabytes (MB) per second3 and a random read rate of 7,000 inputs/outputs per second (IOPS) for a 512-byte transfer4. As a result, notebooks equipped with a 2.5-inch SanDisk SSD can boot Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise in as little as 30 seconds5 and access files at an average speed of 0.11 milliseconds6. A notebook using a hard disk requires an average 48 seconds to boot and an average 17 milliseconds to access files.

* Low power consumption. Compared to a typical hard disk drive, which consumes 1.9 watts7 during active operation, SanDisk SSDs consume 1.0 watt (0.5 watts for 1.8") while active and as little as 0.4 watts (0.2 watts for 1.8") while idle. This difference in power efficiency is particularly important in extending battery life for road warriors, enabling them to remain productive while in transit.

Gartner projects global consumption of SSDs in consumer and business notebooks to leap from about 4 million units in 2007 to 32 million units in 20108.

Read more at Sandisk.com

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Resco Sudoku for PocketPC : Here's one for the Sudoku addicts

Resco Sudoku PocketPC Image LinkMy Dad loves Sudoku and Chess. When he's not playing Yahoo chess, he's filling out little grids with numbers, working out that brain muscle. As for me, I've yet to really put serious time into it - heard it's good for your mind though.

Well if you have a pocketPC you can now Sudoku wherever and whenever. Resco's Sudoku for pocketPC has handy features like hints, optimized for battery life and even helps you cheat the newspaper sudoku games!

Features of Resco Sudoku for PocketPC:
- Full VGA and square-display devices support
(Treo W700, HP65xx)
- Save/load to/from a number of external formats
- Extended HINTS system
- Memory and Battery life optimized
- Optimized for one-hand use
- Puzzles in 6 difficulty levels
- Skinable user interface
- Newspaper puzzle solver
- Pencil Marks
- Option to check incorrect input
- Quick Save / Load game
- Statistics

- FREE Lifetime Upgrades
- FREE Support
- Best selling Sudoku for PDAs
- Excellent Quality Product
- 100% Money-back Guarantee

Download your copy of Resco Sudoku for PocketPC at Handango today!

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Plantronics .Audio 350 Multimedia Headset : Comfortable and great sound

Plantronics Audio 350 Gaming HeadsetI got a Plantronics Audio 350 Multimedia Headset to review from Plantronics last week and they are fantastic for gaming. The best feature about the Audio 350 would have to be the comfortable padding - the swivel-mounted pillow-soft ear cushions mean you can wear these for hours on end.

The Plantronics Audio 350 Gaming headset also delivers rich sound via its 40mm ear speakers - the bass was good and we gamers know it's all about the bass :) Inline volume controls, long cable (3 metres) and adjustable boom were also notable features.

Features of the Plantronics .Audio 350 Multimedia Gaming Headset

- 40 mm speakers convey rich, resonant stereo with maximum bass response
- Lightweight, flexible headband delivers plush all-day comfort
- Noise-canceling microphone boosts speech recognition accuracy
- QuickAdjust telescoping, bendable boom assures ideal placement
- Boom stows discreetly when not in use
- Swivel-mounted, pillow-soft ear cushions provide comfort and acoustic precision
- Inline volume and mute offer convenient access and control
- Works with popular PC sound cards

Sad thing is, I have to send it back :(

Well done Plantronics, keep up the great audio gadgets rolling!

Purchase Plantronics Audio 350 Multimedia Gaming Headset here at Mr.Gadget Australia.

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Apple's Newton Vs iPhone : How far Apple's come

I know you're probably sick of all the iPhone news at the moment, but let's reflect a bit...

Here's a picture from Engadget, comparing the old with the new. Go Apple!

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