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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Logitech Harmony 785 Advanced Universal Remote: Almost reads minds!

Logitech Harmony 785 Advanced Universal Remote Product PageLooking for the ultimate universal remote control this Christmas to go with your new plasma or LCD TV? Check out the Logitech Harmony 785 Advanced Universal Remote. This thing looks like it was designed by a full time seat warmer for the full time seat warmer. Compatible with almost anything under the sun with an IR receiver, all you'll need to do is program it to all the units of your entertainment system then choose whatever it is you want to do and the Harmony 785 will turn on all the components and adjust them to your personal settings. One touch and you could be watching your favourite DVD or rocking to your favourite tunes. You'll literally just be lifting a finger to do all that!

Features of the Logitech Harmony 785 Advanced Universal Remote:
- Simple, one-touch activity control
Choose the "Watch a DVD" activity and the Harmony universal remote will power on your TV, DVD, stereo receiver, set all the inputs, and even press "Play."
- Help button
One-touch help for any problems you might encounter.
- Large color display
Easy-to-read interactive display keeps you in control and informed of what's going on.
- Battery-saving rechargeable design
Base station ensures that the remote is always ready, and since the lithium-ion battery never needs replacing, it's easy to be environmentally conscious!

Order your Logitech Harmony 785 Advanced Universal Remote here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Stealth PDA Phone Screen Protector

Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Stealth PDA Phone Screen Protector Product Page

Here's another great Mr.Gadget accessory for your PDA, the Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Stealth PDA Phone Screen Protector! It's the same great screen protector as we have for the JasJam/Dopod 838 Pro but has been expertly cut to the exact size of the O2 XDA Stealth screen. This Mr.Gadget screen protector is durable, washable and therefore reusable, it's bubble free when applied correctly and is almost invisible. It's like applying a second screen to your PDA.

Features of the Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Stealth PDA Phone Screen Protector:

- 2 Year Limited Warranty
- Anti-Scratch & Durable
- Incomparable Clarity
- Silicon Adhesive Coating
- Tailor Made to your Device
- Washable and Reusable
- Bubble free

Order your Mr.Gadget O2 XDA Stealth PDA Phone Screen Protector here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Logitech Harmony 525 Advanced Universal Remote: A Perfect Present for Christmas!

Logitech Harmony 525 Advanced Universal Remote Product PageChristmas is just around the corner. In fact it's only less than a month away now so if you haven't already started your Christmas shopping, get your shopping cart geared up! If you're totally stuck with what to buy, the Logitech Harmony 525 Advanced Universal Remote is one gadget we would highly recommend.

Last Christmas, it's older brother, the Harmony 880 was one of our top sellers. Not only is it a great gadget to get for someone, it's also a safe bet. For one thing, the person you'll be getting it for will most likely have a TV so you'll know it won't be one of those presents that gets thrown in the bottom of the drawer. If they don't, we'll i'm sure they'll at least have one unit out of the 80,000 (and counting) that the Harmony 525 can work with. But be careful, you may want one for your own TV, stereo, DVD player, VCR player, surround sound system....

Features of the Logitech Harmony 525 Advanced Universal Remote:
Single-button control
The Harmony Remote provides simple, intuitive control of even the most elaborate entertainment system for everyone in the family.
Teletext Controls
Support for Teletext with dedicated buttons.
Fully backlit keypad
Backlighting makes the buttons and interactive display glow brightly for easy use in the dark.
Interactive display
Easy-to-read interactive display keeps you in control and informed of what's going on.
Learning port
Just point your original remote at the Learning Port to capture and use any infrared command with the Harmony Remote.
Computer-based Harmony Set-up Wizard
For quick and easy set-up.

Order your Logitech Harmony 525 Advanced Universal Remote here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Mr.Gadget USB Cup Warmer : Keep your coffee warm!

If you love your coffee and hate it when it gets too cold to drink, perhaps we can help you out? With our Mr.Gadget USB Cup Warmer. Yes it's back due to popular demand and even sports our new logo. I find it interesting at how many emails I have received to get these back in...makes nice Christmas presents too!

Features of the Mr.Gadget USB Cup Warmer:

- 1.5V DC, 500mAh
- USB Port Clear Cable : 1.5 metres
- Dimensions : 115 x 115 x25mm, Heating Zone Diameter: 75mm
- Heating area Temperature : about 70 degrees celsius

Advantages of the Mr.Gadget USB Cup Warmer:

- Keeps coffee/tea/beverage warm at 40-50 degrees celsius
- It can be used as a phone charger for Nokia 8210 / 8250 / 3310
- Suitable for any type of cup/mug
- Keeps coffee/tea/beverage warm for any time interval
- On/Off Switch
- No risk of burning, with enclosure made of quality insulation material
- Easy installation, no drivers required, simple Plug & Play

Get a Mr.Gadget USB Cup Warmer for yourself or even better as a gift for someone who has a free USB port!

Motorola S805 Bluetooth DJ Headphones : Groovay!

Motorola S805 Bluetooth DJ Headphones Image LinkDo you have a bluetooth enabled mobile phone or PDA and want to listen to your favourite tunes without the hassle of wires? Then you need to check out Motorola S805 Bluetooth DJ Headphones. These aren't your average bluetooth stereo headphones. With extra ear padding, you'll experience you MP3s in rich stereo sound - pump up the bass!

Specifications of the Motorola S805 Bluetooth DJ Headphones:
- Play Time: up to approximately 17 hours
- Weight: 5.5 ounces
- Circumaural ear interface
- Speakers 40mm diameter Neodymium
- Music controls: Jog dial - track/ volume - push button- call answer/ play-pause
- Noise, echo and wind cancellation
- Wired connection for use with all stereo MP3 players
- Bluetooth Class: Class 2
- Stereo Bluetooth profiles - A2DP, AVRCP
- Bluetooth® HF Profiles- HS 1.0, HF1.2

What you get in the Motorola S805 Package:
- Motorola Bluetooth DJ Headphones S805
- 3.5mm Stereo Adapter Cable
- Thermoformed Carry Case
- Wall Charger
- Quick Start Guide

Order your Motorola S805 Bluetooth DJ Headphones here at Mr.Gadget Australia!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth Headset: Converged Headset

Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth Headset Product PageProbably stemming from the humble Swiss Army Knife the converged device idea has really made life much more simple. As simple as technology can get. But has Nokia come too late with the Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth Headset? Or is it the hunter chasing it's prey, the Blueant X5 and the Motorola HT820? One jump it has over these other two is its ability to fold into a compact shape for storage yet retain it's two main converged functionalities: being a wireless handsfree and wireless headphone. Listen to music and have the convenience of not having to swap or carry two different headsets to be able to use your mobile phone handsfree. It's also great for computer use if you have a bluetooth enabled PC or even for when you go jogging. It's converged convenience!

Features of the Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth Headset:
- Excellent stereo audio quality with Bluetooth wireless technology
- Listen to your favorite digital music stored in your compatible phone, PC, PDA, or MP3 player
- Foldable construction to save space when not in use
- A better fit with large, comfortable earpieces

Order your Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth Headset here at Mr.Gadget Australia!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dopod 838 Pro Screen Protectors are in!

Dopod 838 Pro Screen Protector Image LinkMr.Gadget's first branded screen protectors have arrived in Australia!

Freshly packaged and ready to go are screen protectors for the Dopod 838 Pro / iMate JasJam. I've been personally testing these screen protectors for around 3 years. In that time, I have had ample time to ensure that they were the best in the market.

Mr.Gadget Screen Protectors : Superb Quality
What makes them so good? Well first of all they are made out of a silicon compound, which makes them slighter thicker than the flimsy ones made by other manufacturers. The result is a screen protector that lasts longer, does not leave any gluey residue, no bubbles, washable and reusable! Yes they are more expensive than other brands which offer you three flakey screen protectors (which will only last you a couple of months), however we offer a 2 year limited warranty on our protectors!

Features of the Mr.Gadget Screen Protector for the Dopod 838 Pro / iMate

Anti-Scratch & Durable
Under normal daily usage, a could last for a long period of time without affecting its smoothness
and transparency because of the stiffness of the SPUC

Incomparable Clarity
Mr.Gadget screen protectors are highly transparent screen protector which presents the
highest resolution and most vivid colours of your LCD display.

Silicon Adhesive Coating
lGlue-Free, silicon coated screen protector leaves NO RESIDUE when you remove it from your LCD display.

Silicon based screen protector Silicon based screen protector

Tailor Made to your Device
The Mr.Gadget screen protector is not a 'one-size-fits-all' solution; we have dimensions of your
device so that it will fit perfectly to your LCD screen - NO TRIMMING or CUTTING required!

Washable and Reusable
Wash the Mr.Gadget screen protector with water to remove strong dirt. Dry the screen protector thoroughly before re-applying it back to the LCD screen. However, a piece of scotch tape/masking tape is very useful to remove minor lints and fingerprints that are left on the
silicon-adhesive coating.

The Mr.Gadget screen protector is bubble-free when it is applied completely. Its glossy finish highly simulates the texture of the original LCD screen.

Get your Mr.Gadget Dopod 838 Pro Screen Protector here!

Expert Shield i-Mate JAMin Silicon Case: Now comes in Black or White!

Expert Shield i-Mate JAMin Silicon Case Product PageThe i-Mate JAMin has to be the most unsung PDA of the year being overshadowed by the O2 XDA Atom and it's younger brother the i-Mate JASJAM. Although not as feature laden as the JASJAM or (fortunately) not as buggy as the Atom's before any ROM updates, the JAMin pretty much kept out of the lime light this year. But that's not to say it's a lemon of a PDA. In fact, the majority of those who did manage to get their hands on the JAMin (and even got to try out the Atom in comparison) felt the JAMin was one of the more solid Pocket PC's of the year. If you have the JAMin make sure it's protected. It's a sound investment and the Expert Shield i-Mate JAMin Silicon Case will make a great case for it! They even come in both White or Black.

Features of the Expert Shield i-Mate JAMin Silicon Case:
- Fits perfectly on your O2 XDA Atom as it contours to the devices's design
- Retains the sleek, thin look of your device
- Protects and covers all edges, buttons and nav pad from any scratches
- Holds your device securely in place
- Made of high-quality, flexible and durable silicon
- Material easily returns to its original form from stretching and pulling

Arriving here at Mr.Gadget Australia in one week!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dopod 838 Pro Pocket PC: aka JasJam aka TyTn

Dopod 838 Pro Pocket PC Product PageI've been eyeing the JasJam for the last few weeks now. Problem is, they're only available through Telstra on a plan. So what's a gadget loving man like me to do? Late yesterday afternoon, while browsing through one of our supplier's lists, I happened to come across the Dopod 838 Pro Pocket PC. My heart skipped a beat, my knees went weak and the clouds outside broke while a shining light illuminated my PC screen. Well it wasn't that dramatic but for those who know, the Dopod 838 Pro is essentially the same machine as the JasJam. Fact is, a manufacturer in Taiwan called HTC make these great gadgets and other companies like i-Mate and Dopod license and re-brand these devices as their own. So for those looking at the JasJam but can't commit to a contract, the Dopod 838 Pro is a heaven sent answer.

Features of the Dopod 838 Pro Pocket PC:
* OS: Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0
* Frequency: GSM Quadband (850/900/1800/1900)+WCDMA Triband (850/1900/2100)
* Processor: Samsung 400MHz
* Memory: 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM (persistent storage)
* Size: 112.5 x 58 x 21.95 mm
* Weight: 176 grams w/battery
* Standby time: up to 220 hours
* Talk time: up to 5 hours
* Colour: Classic Black

Order your Dopod 838 Pro Pocket PC here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Altec Lansing's FX5051 USB/Analog 5.1 Surround Speakers Reviewed

Altec Lansing FX5051It seems that Altec Lansing is finally making a comeback when it comes to desktop audio outside of the OEM sets they manufacture for Dell. Their latest product, the FX5051 boldly stands out spec and design-wise from the typical Creative and Logitech sets we're accustomed to seeing, and one-ups the whole market by being the first 5.1 channel speaker system to incorporate a USB input! On to the review...

Here's their verdict:
Above average in every category, the FX5051 is a pleasure to listen to, and a great choice for laptop and Mac users looking to experience 5.1 surround sound.

Sandisk Ultra II Mobile Mini SD 2GB: Bigger & Faster!

Sandisk Ultra II Mobile Mini SD 2GB Product PageSo 1GB isn't enough for your digital needs. Double it with the Sandisk Ultra II Mobile Mini SD 2GB memory card. Now your mobile phone can really be a media hub and can store enough photos, music and video to get you through the day before retiring at home. And to make things more convenient, the Ultra II cards have a faster read and trasfer rate so moving that large video file only takes a few seconds. The only question left to ponder is: How do they cram so much memory in such a small peice of plastic?

Order your Sandisk Ultra II Mobile Mini SD 2GB here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 4GB

Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 4GB Product Page2GB not enough for your Sony digital camera or PlayStation Portable? Then up it up with the Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 4GB memory card. Now you'll be able to take more more photos on the one card. Or if you're planning on using this with your PSP, it means more storage space for the mp3's, videos and photos you can listen and view on your PSP. You can even have enough room to use the one card on both your Sony digital camera and swap it over into the PSP. Great for the up coming holidays and long drives!

Features of the Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 4GB:
- Larger storage capacity
- High-speed data transfer rate of 15Mbps** for DVD-quality video in real time
- The fast transfer rates help prevent data loss when power is suddenly cut-off or if the media is removed accidentally
- Advanced security with Access Control Function and MagicGate technology

Order your Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 4GB here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Palm Treo 680 available in the U.S. next year

For the Palm lovers out there, the new Palm Treo 680 is set to makes its debut on U.S. grounds mid next year. I'm now an iMate/O2/PocketPC convert but this little gadget has some really nice features.

Palm Treo 680 Features
- VGA screen (320 x 320)
- 2 x Digital zoom camera
- Quad Band Phone
- Bluetooth 1.2
- 64MB non-volatile memory
- 158grams
- Palm OS 5.4.9

Does it have a future? The guys at Brighthand seem to think so :)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Logitech Quickcam Ultra Vision: Crystal Clear!

Logitech Quickcam Ultra Vision Product PageGoodbye to the cheap plastic lenses many webcams use! With the Logitech Quickcam Ultra Vision webcam you get image quality that only a glass lens can produce. With the addition of Logitech's webcam technology and software, you get one great webcam. Also featuring Logitech's RightLight 2 and RightSound, you not only get a crystal clear image but also a great sounding integrated microphone. Use it on your desktop or notebook for MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger or Skype!

Features of the Logitech Quickcam Ultra Vision:
Precision glass lens.
Unsurpassed image quality through 5 precision engineered lens elements.
Superior image clarity
A true 1.3 megapixel sensor coupled with RightLight 2 Technology enables you to capture fine details in dim, side- and back-lit situations.
Integrated microphone
Logitech's exclusive RightSound technology ensures your voice comes through clear and echo-free.
Logitech Video Effects
Express your unique personality by using Logitech Video Effects. Choose the avatar or face accessory that suits your mood.
Quick preview button
See yourself before joining a video call.
Snapshot button
Take still pictures with one press.

Order your Logitech Quickcam Ultra Vision here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

Superb WebCam : Logitech WebCam for Notebooks

Logitech WebCam for Notebooks Product PageOne word...suprising! I've had a lot of web cams in my day and usually the price tag dictates their performance and image quality. I was pleasantly surprised by my new Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks!

I used it with MSN Messenger and my work colleagues were amazed at the quality video being produced by this little gadget. It has a manual focus on the lens which allows you to get exactly the right picture. I like the clip as well - it's padded with a foam like substance so that you don't scratch your notebook.

The main reason why I got this, was to video-conference with my staff when out of the office. It's a fantastic bargain!

Full marks from me :)

Get your very own Logitech WebCam for Notebooks here at Mr.Gadget Australia!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sandisk SDHC 4GB SD Card: Take that 2GB MicroSD!

Sandisk SDHC 4GB SD Card Product PageEat your heart out 2GB MicroSD! You thought you were such a hot shot. Now there's going to be a new kid on the block and he's bigger and badder than you. Meet the Sandisk SDHC 4GB SD Card. At twice the capacity you're going to need a high speed USB 2.0 card reader to transfer such high volumes of data. Good thing it comes with a bonus MicroMate SD/SDHC card reader. Just be careful because not all devices which use the SD (secure digital) format can use the 4GB SDHC (SD High Capacity). Look for the SDHC logo on your device to see if it is compatible.

Features of the Sandisk SDHC 4GB SD Card:
* High storage capacity (4GB) for storing essential digital content such as high quality photos, videos, music and more
* Optimal speed and performance for SDHC compatible devices
* Speed performance rating: Class 2 (based on SD 2.00 Specification)
* High Quality SDHC card backed by 5 year limited warranty
* Built to last, with an operating shock rating of 2,000Gs, equivalent to a ten-foot drop
* SanDisk SDHC 4GB card ships with Bonus MicroMate USB 2.0 SD/SDHC Reader, to ensure compatibility when downloading pictures or other digital content

Arriving at Mr.Gadget Australia in approximately three weeks!

2GB Micro SD by Sandisk Due Mid-December : Boo!

I know, I know. You've just got a new iMate JasJam and you want to get the most memory you can get for it. We have been inundated with enquiries about the Sandisk 2GB Micro SD card so I thought I would post on when the anticipated time of fresh stock arriving in Australia will be - DECEMBER 17th, 2006. Hang in there guys...

The Faster Alternative? Okay so it's not as big...
I couldn't wait so I got a Sandisk Ultra II 1GB Micro SD card. It's not as big in capacity but it's 10x faster!

Go JasJam btw...superb device.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sandisk Ultra II Mobile Mini SD 1GB

Sandisk Ultra II Mobile Mini SD 1GB Product PageIs it just me or are memory cards getting smaller and smaller but also getting faster and holding more data? The Sandisk Ultra II Mobile Mini SD 1GB is one of the smallest memory cards around only surpassed in tinyness by the Micro SD format. Most newer model mobile phones would be using this type of card and is useful for these devices which also double as MP3 players and triple as digital cameras. The Sandisk Ultra II Mobile Mini SD 1GB are just like the standard Mini SD cards but are rated at a higher read and write speeds. This is great news for when transferring large volumes of data, say in the 1GB and 2GB variety. If you want to make the most of your mobile phone/mp3 player/digital camera/video player, the Sandisk Ultra II Mobile Mini SD 1GB might just be the memory card you're looking for.

Order your Sandisk Ultra II Mobile Mini SD 1GB here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kingston's AES-encrypted 4GB Drive Reviewed. Verdict: Encryption without Performance Compromise

For roaming professionals who need their data handy at all times but can't afford to compromise their company's intellectual data (or their jobs), there's quite a few options out there, most dealing with software encryption. However, such methods can be slow, and do little to protect the fragile drive itself. Enter Kingston's DataTraveler Secure, a robust new flash drive featuring 256-bit AES encryption that works on-the-fly, a self destructing feature that won't get you stopped by bomb squads, and a casing that can handle life's everyday abuses. Corsair also has a similar product that is billed as waterproof as well. Here's the full review of the Kingston.

Office Closed Today : Melbourne Cup Day!

The office is closed today because it's Melbourne Cup Day! It is a public holiday for us here in Melbourne.

You can however still place orders over our website. They will be processed first thing Wednesday.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Sandisk Ultra II SD Card + Plus 2GB: USB Flash Memory Card Drive?

Sandisk Ultra II SD Card + Plus 2GB Product PageThe Sandisk Ultra II SD Plus range just got a bump in capacity. The Sandisk Ultra II SD Card + Plus 2GB are scheduled for release any day now. Made by the world's best known memory card maker, these cards have very fast read and write speeds making them ideal for use in digital cameras. And once you've filled up the card, you can simply transfer them on to a computer via USB. No need for messy cables to connect your camera to the computer or cumbersome memory card readers, this SD card transforms into a USB drive with a flick of your finger. Plug it straight into a USB port and away you go! They even come with a little case if you want to carry them around on your keys like a USB flash drive.

Features of the Sandisk Ultra II SD Card + Plus 2GB:
- USB 2.0 compatibleWorks with USB high-power port hubs (500mA)
- SD Compliant
- Outstanding Performance Write/Read performance: 9MB/sec, 10MB/sec
- Lifetime Limited Warranty

Sandisk Ultra II SD Card + Plus 2GB will be available here at Mr.Gadget Australia in the next couple of days.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard: Game on and on and on!

Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard Product PageThe popularity of computer gaming has increased so much that computer gaming products have become a niche of their own. There used to be just keyboards. Now there are standard keyboards and there are gaming keyboards. The Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard is one such gaming peripheral. Tweaked for giving the ultimate gaming experience, the G11 also comes with some nice little bonus features like backlighting and illuminated keys for those of us who aren't adept at touch typing. There is also a set of media keys which come pretty standard on any keyboard these days but the one feature that should be put on all keyboards is the cable routing channels. With this feature you can route your mouse and headset (and any other) cable to keep you from being tangled up. Unless of course you have a wireless set-up. But if you're a gamer, you probably wouldn't.

Features of the Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard:
- Illuminated characters
Easily visible in both bright and low-light conditions.
- 3 levels of backlighting
Perfect for late-night gaming sessions.
- 18 fully programmable G keys
Execute complex macros with a single press.
- Macro button
Create and save new macros while you're still playing!
- Media keys
For easy management of video and audio playback.
- Cable-routing channels
Route mouse, headset, or other cables under the keyboard.

Order your Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

iMate JasJam USB Synch 'n' Charge USB Retractable Cable

iMate JasJam USB Synch 'n' Charge USB Retractable Cable Product PageThe iMate JasJam USB Synch 'n' Charge USB Retractable Cable is one helpful accessory. I use a similar one for my O2 XDA II Mini at home to keep my PDA fully charged and synchronized at the same time. It's great as an alternative to a desk cradle and because of its small size it's also a great travelling companion. Keep your information up to date and your JasJam fired up and ready to rumble with the iMate JasJam USB Synch 'n' Charge USB Retractable Cable! And because it uses a standard Mini USB connection you can use it as a connecting cable for most other devices which use this interface. And there's a growing number of devices out there!

Features of the iMate JasJam USB Synch 'n' Charge USB Retractable Cable:
- Synchronizes and charges via USB
- Extends to a length of 1 meter
- Compact and easily stored
- Mini USB connection
- Retracts to a mere 10cm!

Order your iMate JasJam USB Synch 'n' Charge USB Retractable Cable here at Mr.Gadget Australia today!

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