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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Archos AV500 100GB Mobile Digital Video Recorder: The ideal travel companion!

Archos AV500 100GB Mobile Digital Video Recorder Product PageNow in a world of advanced technology, there takes a special gadget to out shine the rest. The Archos AV500 100GB Mobile Digital Video Recorder may just be one of those gadgets!

We live in a society where travel takes up a huge component of our lives. Whether it's by by plane, train or car, we seem to spend a lot of time traveling from A to B. To have a highly portable, powerful multimedia player at your fingertips will only make the journey easier... unless of course you are in the driving seat of the car!

The Av500 is packed with features and boasts arguably the best LCD screen of it's size and function. The 100GB version is capable of storing up to 400hours of video or approximately 250 movies to near DVD quality at 720 x 576pixels at 25f/s (Pal)!! Now you will never be bored. On top of the movies, you can store ample amount of music... in fact up to 15000 songs!! And let's not forget the advantage of having our favourite photos at our disposal... all 300,000 of them... if anyone ever has that many! I would doubt it! However obviously we would more than likely have a mixture of media formats stored on the AV500 to make the most of it's diversity

Connectivity is excellent, with the AV500 able to be connected to your DVD player, VCR, TV, camera, camcorder or computer with ease. Having a friendly interface allows you to download from all these components, giving you a multimedia portable library. Who needs to have all those DVDs, videos, photos and CD's when you can store them all on one very nice package. Simply carry it with you and plug into a TV to watch or listen to whatever you wish, or simply enjoy viewing the media from the incredibly detailed LCD screen on the AV500.

Also if you order before the 3rd of July, you get can get the AV500 100GB for a crazy $1099 and the 30GB version for an amazing $795. Simply write this price in the comments box followed by "Archos Sale". Don't procrastinate for too long!

Features of the Archos AV500 100GB Mobile Digital Video Recorder:

* 4" color wide screen
* 30 or 100 GB* hard drive
* Easy setup Pod for TV recording & video playback
* Control your VCR, Cable or Satellite receiver
* Record directly TV or make scheduled recordings
* Photo wallet & music player
* Enjoy up to 400 hours of video1, 250 movies1 or 1 million photos1 on the go

Buy your Archos AV500 100GB Mobile Digital Video Recorder at Mr.Gadget today!
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