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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Polar F55 Male Heart Rate Monitor Watch: Great training partner with FREE IR Interface Unit valued at $89!!

Polar F55 Male Heart Rate Monitor Watch Product Page It would seem people in general are becoming more aware of the benefits of living a more active lifestyle. Not only do you lose weight due to an increased metabolism, but you obtain an elevated self-image, better quality sleep and greater levels of energy and therefore concentration during the day. However having this knowledge is one thing, but translating it into reality is another! So why not consider the new Polar F55 Male Heart Rate Monitor Watch to aid you in goal-focused, successful training, therefore reaping the rewards of increased fitness levels!

This watch will measure your heart rate constantly as you exercise... but that's only the beginning. It will help guide you in strength training, helping you keep track of your sets, reps and what weight you are lifting for each exercise. It helps you set fitness goals by setting up your own specific programs. No more using your bad memory as an excuse. It even has an alarm to remind you if you forget your workout all together! The F55 also boasts the ability to measure your general fitness levels by approximately calculating your maximum oxygen uptake, or in laymen's terms, the ability for you to get oxygen from your lungs to your body, which is what cardio-respiratory fitness is.

You will be pleased to know the F55 also comes with the WearLink 31 Coded transmitter which enables you to change the battery when flat. No more sending it off to the manufacturer for replacement! You also have the cool option of uploading your exercise data to the Polar WebLink software for further analysis and feedback, not to mention download upgrades. However you will need an Infra-red interface on your computer. If you don't have one, don't worry! For this month only you will receive a FREE USB irDA Interface so you can connect your watch, as well as any Infrared, data-transmitting device, to your computer! This is normally worth $89!!! If you're considering getting one of these high quality watches, don't miss out on this incredible deal!

Features of the Polar F55 Male Heart Rate Monitor Watch:

* Polar Body Workout. Guidance in muscular strength training always with you.

* Polar OwnRelax. Follow your body's state of relaxation.

* Mobile Connectivity. Review, store, and send your training data with your Nokia 5140 / 5140i mobile phone. View Demo

* Polar Keeps U Fit - Own Workout Program. Guides you to reach your personal fitness goals.

* Polar Fitness Test with OwnIndex. Measures your fitness level in 5 minutes.

* Polar OwnCal. Counts and displays calorie expenditure.

* Polar OwnCode. Prevents cross-talk from other heart rate monitors.

Order your Polar F55 Male Heart Rate Monitor Watch at Mr.Gadget today!
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