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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wolf Claw Type II Gaming Keyboard: Victory is Inevitable!

Wolf Claw Type II Gaming Keyboard Product PageWinning isn't everything... right? Well when it comes to multiplayer first person shooter games, to ask such a question is laughed upon! Winning is everything and whatever edge you can get over your opponent the better!! Let me then introduce the Wolf Claw Type II Gaming Keyboard to you as the latest and greatest weapon for your arsenal!

Some keyboards have been brought out to try and cater for the gaming enthusiasts, however as far as utilising the keyboard for general use they tend to be quite clumsy and less than effective. This is where the Wolf Claw Type II Gaming Keyboard hits the nail on the head! The immediate attraction of the keyboard is the 'gaming' pad on the left hand side. It has a unique circular structure that allows the user to reach to a larger number of keys with greater ease. Although there is a learning curve given the format of the pad and key placements, once attained, you will be hitting those action keys with greater precision and speed which translates into one thing... the sweet taste of success as you stand over the increasing multitude of your defeated foes!!!

The rest of the keyboard has a more standard setup. This enables the Wolf Claw Type II keyboard to be used in a conventional manner as well. Let's face it; we're not playing games all the time! The keyboard also comes with your quick function keys for surfing the net and navigating windows, as well as a very handy addition... a two port USB 2.0 hub! This makes life very simple for inserting USB devices like flash drives. And lets not forget the stylish appearance! Many eyes are sure to be drawn to your desk with this beauty resting on it! So if victory is your primary objective (as if there is any other one!!) when playing your 3D FPS games, then send a chill down the spines of your opponents by adding the Wolf Claw Type II Gaming Keyboard to your weaponry!

Features of the Wolf Claw Type II Gaming Keyboard:

Unique and innovative design of WOLF CLAW:
* Unique ergonomic key area offers faster and easier operation - 40 keys in different shapes and sizes on the gaming key area of the keyboard were specially designed according to ergonomic principle and the requirements of FPS games;
* A breakthrough innovation of the special K key which locks the "K" key function thus enabling you to maintain continuous voice communication without having to hold on to the "K" key;
* World-first vertical "Space bar" key which enables you to react faster during critical situations;
* Innovative double "Shift" key design allows you to move around and perform operation silently;
* With two integrated USB ports provided at the top of the keyboard, you can conveniently connect other gaming peripherals such as mouse and thumb drive to the keyboard; * Unique Team Tag Area

The Ultimate Gaming Keyboard for FPS Gamers:
* Elegant integrated double keyboard structure.
* Unique ergonomical gaming key area enabling more comfortable and faster operation.
* Keys press life span exceeding 20 million keystrokes.
* Highly reliable anti-splash design.
* Highly flexible 3 layer silicon enables keys to operate silently.
* Precise internal weight pad, stable and low-noise structure.
* USB ports, supporting hot plug.
* 8 Internet hot keys for faster and more convenient web-browsing.
* Applicable operating systems: Windows 98/ME, 2000, XP.
* Complies with GB and FCC international safety requirements and standards.

Order your Wolf Claw Type II Gaming Keyboard at Mr.Gadget Today!
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