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Friday, January 20, 2006

Pinnacle Showcenter 200: Lights, Cameras... Action!

Pinnacle Showcenter 200 Product PageLast week I wrote on the Logitech Wireless Music System for PC, which I was highly impressed with. Being able to listen to all your songs from your computer on your stereo which could be up to 330feet away did raise the excitement levels a tad. Well, they've just been raised a tad more with the Pinnacle Showcenter 200!

Wireless technology continues to push the barriers, becoming more and more appealing. Well the Pinnacle Showcenter 200 not only delivers music to your stereo via a wireless signal, as the Logitech music system does, but it can transmit photos and videos as well! It's a complete multimedia package that gives you the convenience of listening to your computer's mp3 playlists, watching stored video recordings and shows as well as viewing the bucket loads of photos we tend to take with our digital cameras all in the comfort of our living room! Being high definition compatible allows for crisp images and you even can produce slide shows for presentations.

An added bonus is the USB 2.0 port at the front of the unit to upload any photos directly and you have a remote control to surf the easy-to-navigate visual menu on the TV, which you can custom setup yourself. This is an amazing device and if you're into entertaining people, than budget now for this wireless, multimedia beauty!

Menu for Photo Organisation and Selection
Features of the Pinnacle Showcenter 200:

* Feel Right At Home With Top Quality Digital Music, Videos and PhotosNow you don't need to sit in front of your PC to enjoy your digital media. ShowCenter 200 lets you experience the very best of everything - music, movies, and photos on your home TV and audio system.

* High Definition Photos and Video - The ultimate in crystal-clear pictures and CD quality sound! Enjoy High Definition output of your photo slide shows, videos, HD camcorder movies, and HD videos captured from TV broadcasts. Your high-megapixel digital camera photos will look sharper than ever on the big screen. Turn them into slide shows, complete with subtitles and background music.

* Access to Premium Content - No more reloading your CD player. Pinnacle ShowCenter 200 gives you access to digital rights-protected (DRM) music that you've purchased online so you can watch or listen to them on your home theatre system, TV or stereo.

* Handy USB Placement - A USB port on the front panel of the ShowCenter player makes it simple to watch or listen to your digital entertainment or connect your digital camera, external drive, or USB drive.

* Easy Setup and UsabilityConnect to your PC or home network with a wired or a wireless connection - integrated 802.11g wireless support gives you a choice. The Quickstart wizard leads you step-by-step through setup.

* PVR Functionality - Control the Personal Video Recorder (PVR) features on your Pinnacle PCTV tuner card (purchased separately) from the ShowCenter unit in your living room without any subscription fees. Use the remote control to record your favourite shows directly from ShowCenter. Timeshifting lets you fast forward past commercials, rewind and replay your program. Includes support for analogue, satellite, and DVB-T digital video broadcasting standards.

* Powerful, Flexible Media ManagementPinnacle's MediaManager software lets you organise your media files in several categories, or find them in predefined genre lists. It supports a huge range of popular media formats. Burn your music collections and films to CD or DVD for archiving or sharing with friends. Import your entire CD music collection with integrated ripping.

Order your Pinnacle Showcenter 200 at Mr.Gadget Australia Today!
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