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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Belkin Universal Notebook Travel Surge Protector: Portable protection

Belkin Universal Notebook Travel Surge Protector Product PageThese days technology is becoming more and more portable. This is clearly evident with the size and yet powerful features of computer laptops. Their popularity is rising by the day... and why not, given their improved power and yet remarkable portability. Well it makes sense to look after what we treasure. No doubt our laptops carry within them a bundle of important information. Can you imagine losing that data??? Well put your mind at rest with the Belkin Universal Notebook Travel Surge Protector.

This handy little gizmo will easily slip into your laptop bag without adding to the bulk. It's designed to protect your notebook and modem from any harmful power surges and spikes in countries with 100VAC to 240VAC electrical utilities. Given we are usually on the run with our laptops, why not ensure it's protected all the time with this small but effective device.

Features of the Belkin Universal Notebook Travel Surge Protector:

* Automatic multi-voltage tele-computing protection
* Convenient 7-foot retractable phone cord included
* Over-current detection and power indicators
* 238 joules
* Compatible with 3-prong adapters available on Dell, Compaq and many other
laptop computers

Order your Belkin Universal Notebook Travel Surge Protector at Mr.Gadget Today!
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