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Friday, September 09, 2005

Laser USB Device Copier : Not just for super spies

Who here thought I actually worked for Mr.Gadget? Well, you're actually WRONG! I am actually a super spy and work for ASIO and Mr.Gadget is kinda like my Q, supplying me with all these useful gadgets to help me fight the good fight against all those bad guys in the big bad world out there. Gadgets like my customised (i.e. available only to spies) O2 XDA II mini that can shoot laser-guided rockets, take down dictators, repel guard dogs and make a mean cafe latte without breaking a digital sweat. And when I do my reconnaissance missions taking pictures of highly sensitive military installations with my 0.5 Megapixel no-name brand camera, I find that I often run out of space on my 4Mb Compact Flash card (yes, the government is that stingy).

However, I need not fear any longer, the Laser USB Device Copier has saved my life! Using my CF card in conjunction with a Sandisk USB Compact Flash reader and transferring the contents to my trusty Mr.Gadget BLITZ 256 USB Card Disk, I have virtually limitless photo storage space!

Since I am sure most of you reading this don't work as spies, I'm sure the aforementioned scenario is still hauntingly familiar - you're on holidays and all of a sudden, you can't take any more photos because your memory card is full. While you're at DISNEYLAND!!! Don't you just hate that? Or, in another scenario, your friend has some files on his USB flash drive and you want to transfer them to your flash drive?

With the Laser USB Device Copier, if you have another USB storage device available (like a USB Flash Drive), you can transfer data to and from any USB storage device that has a FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 filesystem (which are the standard file systems supported by Windows). It's as simple as plugging both devices in and pressing the copy button. How easy is that?

Features of the Laser USB Device Copier
- Share data between two USB Mass Storage Devices without a computer
- No need for a PC to do direct file transfers
- Support USB storage devices with USB Mass Storage Device Class compliance; for example: flash drive, card reader, portable hard disk, digital camera, MP3 player etc.*
- Support USB Mass Storage Devices with FAT12/16/32 files system
- Complies with OTG specification and USB specification for full-speed (12 Mbps) USB host and device
- One button copy, easy & clear user interface
- Mode switch for full disk or root directory copy
- Runs on 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied) or USB port (cable supplied)
- Auto power off

* Some devices require additional power

LASER USB Device Copier Step 1

LASER USB Device Copier Step 2

Order your Laser USB Device Copier at Mr.Gadget today!
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